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Bonus: Ep. 55: Why a truly disruptive conversation should make you rethink everything you thought you knew. A Disruptive Conversation with Shannon Downey


When most people think of the word disruption, they think about software. Some of the most of interesting innovations are what I refer to as analog innovations. These are innovations that are not connected to software but have to do with process and people. These offline innovations are perhaps the most interesting innovations to come. Shannon Downey is disrupting patriarchy through embroidery.

In a past life, Shannon ran a digital marketing agency. She found that she was always connected, always online. Through a series of events, she found that the source of her creativity came from offline or analog experiences. Embroidery became a source of creativity and generation for Shannon and since then she has been building a movement centred around politically engaged embroidery.

One of the most interesting insights in this episode is that Shannon as a 20/80 rule. For her 20% is good enough. What I took away from Shannon was that she values progress over perfection. For her perfection can be paralyzing.

Currently, Shannon is very interested in understanding how we build networks and community. She acknowledges that you can’t do anything by yourself and the stronger the network, the greater your chances of success. Her advice is for people to get into the world and just do it. Do great things. Put your half-baked ideas into the world. Make the most of the time you have on this planet. For now, Shannon is working to disrupt the patriarchy and for her, that means being able to buy a car without experience sexism. One of the big questions for me in this episodes is what are the experiences that make you rethink everything you thought you knew.

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