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Ep. 17: Who is behind the social innovation strategy of UBER? A conversation with Bradley Tusk.


In this conversation how Bradley Tusk and his company, Tusk Strategies, helped UBER penetrate cities across the world. Bradley has several companies, and we learn about them in the podcast, but what is exceptionally good at is the socializing of innovations. When most people think about innovation, we tend to think of shiny new things. Few people think about how innovations are adopted. One of the most important questions for companies working to disrupt a sector or system, is how do we get people to use a new technology? In the case of UBER, how do you convince the public that it is okay to disrupt the Taxi industry? How do you convince a public that ordinary people can safely drive you around the city? How do you convince a city to change its policies, laws and procedures? These are not easy questions, but Bradley Tusk is one of the best in the business. In this podcast, we share a little about how helped make UBER what it is today.

This podcast was recorded over Skype. Both speakers were in different locations.

Music provided by Clint Harewood you contact him via email, Facebook or LinkedIn. Email – clint.harewood (at)

Image Courtesy of Tusk Ventures


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