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Ep 4: How learning from failure can help spur innovation. A conversation with Ashley Good of FailForward


In this podcast, I chat with Ashley Good from FailFoward. Ashley works with organizations to help turn failure into success. In this conversation, we explore the emotional challenges of confronting failure.

For more information on Ashley visit her website or connect with her on twitter.

Ashley Good is the founder of Fail Forward, the world’s first failure consultancy, supports people and organizations to acknowledge, create and evolve from failure. A winner of the Harvard Business Review/McKinsey Innovating Innovation Challenge, Fail Forward helps businesses, funders and non-profits harness their failures to learn, innovate and build resilience. Before launching Fail Forward, Ashley worked in Cairo with the United Nations Environment Programme and as a management consultant in Vancouver.

This podcast was recorded on Skype.

Music provided by Clint Harewood. You can contact Clint via Email, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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