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Ep. 40: To be disruptive build bridges to the industry. A Disruptive Conversation with Tim Attia.


Within the rise of the shared economy, there is an increasing need for an approach to insurance that meets these emerging ways of working. Tim Attia and his colleagues have built a product for the shared economy. In this episode, we discuss how they built an insurance product from the ground up. One that meets the needs of the new ways people are working. He tells the story of how existing thinking and practices in the industry saw insurance in the shared economy as too risky to invest. One practice, for example, required legislative change, but in another region, there was a rule that if there was no other product like it that exists in the market then they can enter that market under special conditions. They used this lightly regulated mode to expand their line of business throughout the United States.

In the second half of the podcast, Tim shares his theory on how you disrupt a sector or system. His theory involves three steps. First, disrupt in open field. Instead of competing with incumbents do what others are no willing to do. Second, start with a blank slate. Do not rely on previous ways of doing things to do something different. Reimagine the model to meet the new model you are building. Finally, reimagine the experience of the user to be as simple and seamless as possible

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Tim on Twitter: @tattia

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