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Ep. 21: Build an oragnizations that others cannot duplicate. A conversation with Dhani Oks


I attended Podcamp Toronto recently and did my first every live recording of the show. I usually do my podcasts via Skype and rarely do I get so personal in my show. Dhani and I share a lot around walking on bridges that have never been built. We talk about the desire and drive it takes to build beautiful organizations. We cover a range of topics in the show.

In this podcast, I interview Dhani Oks. Dhani cofounded the Academy of Lions which is in some ways a CrossFit gym in Toronto, but for many of the members, it is a community. Dhani talks about how he was not trying to build a gym, he was trying to build a family. As a member of the Academy of Lions I have always been impressed with the community that was built around a gym that could easily be an exclusive masculine culture.

In this conversation, we talk about what it takes to build a business. We explore how Dhani thinks about building things that have never been built and the struggles that come along with striving for excellence.

This podcast was recorded at the Imperial Pub in the heart of Toronto. 

Music provided by Clint Harewood you contact him via email, Facebook or LinkedIn. Email – clint.harewood (at)

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