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Bonus: Ep. 54: What you need to know about how the why is more important than the what. A Disruptive Conversation with Kishau Rogers.


In this episode of Disruptive Conversations, I interview Kishau Rogers, founder of Big Think and many other software related companies. In this episode, Kishau and I geek out on systems thinking and find many overlaps in our own work. As a listener you will enjoy the many nuances she presents on thinking and problem-solving. Her general premise is that people need to think before they act. Kishau helps people find solutions through software. For her, too often people have not thought about the problem enough before they decide to develop code. She wants to disrupt the idea that we can just throw code at a problem.

For her, the why is more important than the what. She encourages her clients to ask why because often the first solution we come up with is likely not the best we can do. Asking why helps us develop clarity around the problem we are trying to address. She argues, that too many times, we hide behind technology. When we attack problems with code, we might be building our existing problems into new software. Simply taking an analog problem and making it a digital problem.

Kishau, like me, is a fan of structured thinking. She is an advocate of using tools and frameworks to help us think about how we are going to address the problems we face. This episode is a really a clarion call for better-thinking tools. Hope you enjoy this episode of Disruptive Conversations.

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