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Ep. 45: Can we avoid going to the last resource first? A Disruptive Conversation with Huda Idrees.


Huda Idrees describes herself as a writer, entrepreneur, engineer and product designer. In this episode, Huda describes how her path to entrepreneurship started when she was twelve years old. In the story she shares, she describes how this early experience taught her that something she loved doing, programming. She learned that her skills as a programmer can create value and she happened to enjoy building things on the internet.

Today, Huda is a taking a bold step to redefine healthcare in Canada. She is the founder of Dot Health and she is making a big bet that Toronto has the best pre-existing conditions to demonstrate to the world a radically new approach to integrative healthcare. You will need to listen to the episode to learn more about her big bet by listening to the episode.

This is a wonderfully insightful disruptive conversation with an entrepreneur who is daring to radically improve Canada’s healthcare system. She is daring to build the tools that contribute to ensuring that people get better care in a short time period. She is working to help citizens can be in control of managing their own health and the own data.

In this conversation, we touch on many things like from informal care to data hoarding. Hope you enjoy this disruptive conversation with Huda Idrees as she shares her thinking on how she plans to unleash the latent potential within the healthcare.

You can find Huda at the link below:

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