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Ep. 43: The future is financed and implemented by the present. A disruptive conversation with Daniel Egger


In this episode, Daniel Egger and I discuss how many organization want to disrupt because they have not sufficiently prepared for the future. Daniel is a Human Centered Disruptive Innovation consultant and is the author of the book Future Value Generation: Do you need to create new Business Logics?

Daniel has a slightly different take on how we generate innovation. For him, innovation, foresight and strategy should start from the perspective of human emotions. One of his most interesting arguments is that change comes with opposition and opportunity. The challenge is learning to live with this tension.

One of the many insights to take away from that episode is that a human-centred approach means that we need to remember that people values are in a constant state of change. If you are trying to launch a product in a two or three years, we need to pay attention to how consumers values may change while we are building and launching the new product.

Additionally, Daniel argues that humans will always have emotions that transcend age, gender and race. Over time, it is important to focus on people and their perspectives. In taking a human-centered approach to disruption and innovation, it is helpful to focus on all dimensions of clients’ life and the things that influence their emotional states.

Going blindly into the future leaves organizations vulnerable to disruptions rather than being resilient to the changes that are going to come. Daniel has very refreshing perspectives of disruption and innovation that we unpack in this episode of Disruptive Conversations.


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