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Season 1 Wrap up: Pay attention to what’s urgent but not important. A Disruptive Conversation with Keita Demming interviewed by Chuck Marohn


Charles (Chuck) Mahron of the Strong Towns interviews me on this episode of Disruptive Conversations. In this episode, I open myself up to the audience for the first time thanks to some comments from listeners. A few listeners emailed and asked me to get someone to interview me. I asked Chuck Mahron from to interview me in this episode. In this episode, I turn the microphone on myself and share my own perspective on disruptive conversations.

In this episode, I share for the first time, why I started the podcast and the concept behind Disruptive Conversations. In brief, Disruptive Conversations refer to conversations that change the narrative within an organization. The dominant understanding of organizations within the management literature draws on scientific thinking. Disruptive conversations as a concept, draws on complexity thinking and assumes that organizations are conversations. If we are going to transform organizations, we need to transform things we say and do on a daily basis. By disrupting the conversations within the organization we transform the way we work.

Organizations are social arrangements and we need to think of them like that. In this episode, I share some of my own insights on how we generate organizational change. Hope you enjoy.

Note: The author I could not remember in the podcast was Henry Mintzberg.

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